Powder Actuated Fasteners

XU-MX Nails

  • Fully-knurled point for
    increased performance 
    on high-strength steel
    and hard concrete
  • MX strips of 10 collated
    fasteners provide high productivity and easy
    fastener loading
  • High application limits,
    high ultimate tensile loads
  • Available up to 2-7/8″ length

Click HERE for the Technical Data Sheet PDF

  • Fastening to concrete and steel, e.g. formwork, wood lath, plastic sheeting, drywall track, sheet metal, etc.
  • Fastening strut / channels to steel beams and columns
  • Securing cold-formed deflection slip clips to steel for curtain wall applications
  • Installing suspended components, e.g. HVAC duct strap on hard concrete or steel
  • Attaching safety barriers and perimeter wall track

.27 Caliber DX Cartridge


  • Available in different strengths:
    yellow/4 (medium), red/5 (heavy),
    black/6 (extra heavy)

  • Designed specifically for use
    with Hilti powder-actuated tools
    as part of a
    matched tolerance system

Click HERE for the Safety Data Sheet PDF


  • .27 caliber long single
    cartridges for use in the DX 600N

  • Driving pins, studs, etc.
    into concrete and steel

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For use with the DX460 Powder Acutated Tool

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