W.R. Meadows Sealmastic Type 1 & 2

SEALMASTIC emulsion-type damp proofing is a breather-type which permits moisture vapor to escape through the film, while remaining resistant to water penetration. This prevents blistering of applied films. The product can be applied to green concrete (not totally dry).


TYPE I (spray-grade) is an asphalt-based, non-fibered, clay emulsion. Under normal use, it resists flow or sag. Its greater resistance to water is ideal where spray application is desired.


TYPE II (brush-on/spray-grade) is asphalt based, clay emulsion with fibers specifically formulated to offer a tight film that combines both excellent strength and resistance to water.



SEALMASTIC emulsion-type damp proofing coatings are ideal for reducing dampness and moisture infiltration through foundation walls, parapets, firewalls, tanks, culverts, cisterns, and bridge abutments. They are also applicable for stone-backing, above-grade cavity wall applications and below-grade masonry wall damp proofing. The SEALMASTIC product line also helps to minimize internal structural damage from mildew and mold, and is compatible with ICF foam forms.



• Adheres to damp or “green” surfaces ... no waiting for concrete to thoroughly dry.

• Ready to use ... no heating or thinning required; dries rapidly.

• Fast and economical way to protect concrete and masonry foundation walls from moisture penetration.

• Three application grades available for maximum versatility.

• VOC compliant


W.R. Meadows Sealmastic Type 1 & 2 Technical Data Guide PDF

W.R. Meadows Sealmastic Type 1 Material Safety Data Sheet PDF

W.R. Meadows Sealmastic Type 2 Material Safety Data Sheet PDF

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