FLOW Control®

Designed for use with Rapid Set® cement products and most other packaged hydraulic cements, FLOW Control® performs two functions. First, adding FLOW to your mix will significantly increase the fluidity of the mixture. A stiff mix becomes soupier when using FLOW. Second, FLOW increases the strength and reduces the shrinkage of your mixture when you use the FLOW as a replacement for mixing water. When using FLOW, the same working consistency (or slump) may be produced with approximately 20% to 40% less mixing water. With Rapid Set® Mortar Mix (55-lb. bag), Grout (55-lb. bag), Concrete (60-lb. bag), and DOT Repair Mix (55-lb. bag), use 1 to 4 packets of FLOW Control® to increase fluidity, and/or increase strengths to satisfy jobsite requirements. A trial batch is recommended to fine-tune the dosage. FLOW Control® may be used in combination with all other products of the Concrete Pharmacy®.



Flow Control Technical Data Sheet PDF

Flow Control Material Safety Data Sheet PDF


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